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You can help with our budget efforts!

Attention:  Washington Island Electric Cooperative Members who are residents of the State of Wisconsin and friends and relatives of Washington Island who are residents of the State of Wisconsin.  Your assistance is needed!!

You are all aware of our efforts to obtain state assistance to offset the cost of our submarine cable replacement.  You can get details at our website, www.wiecoop.com.  Governor Evers has included aid in his budget and now the Joint Committee on Finance is holding hearings and accepting comments on the budget.

If you are willing, we are asking that you send an email to the JFC in support of that part of the Governor’s budget that includes our assistance.  An individual email from each voting member of a household will carry weight but must include individual name and address. The more emails we get sent from Wisconsin residents the better.  You do not need to be a member of the Cooperative to send an email, just a resident of the State of Wisconsin.

The email address to send your comments to:  BudgetComments@legis.wisconsin.gov

Sample Email Below (you can copy and paste if you like)

To: Wisconsin Joint Committee on Finance
Budget Comments

From: Your Name
Your Wisconsin Address

Please register this email as support for Disaster Relief for Washington Island as listed in the Legislative Fiscal Bureau’s Summary:  Military Affairs, Page 286/7 Section 3.


Governor: Provide one-time funding of $1,000,000 in 2019-20 and $1,000,000 in 2020-21 to the Washington Island Electric Cooperative utility from the state disaster assistance program for costs related to the replacement of the cable that brings electricity to Washington Island. The state disaster assistance program makes payments to local units of government for governmental damages and costs incurred as the result of a major catastrophe. Funding would be provided from the petroleum inspection fund.

[Bill Section: 9131(1)]

SEG $2,000,000 MILITARY AFFAIRS Page 286/7

Support such as this is the role of State Government when disaster strikes a small community.

Thank you for your attention and support on this important issue.

Courtney Cauldwell