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Cable Replacement Communication #4


Wisconsin Public Service completed the pole riser work at Northport on Friday, February 8th.  We went on engines at approximately 7:30AM and were on them until the work was complete.  We did final phase testing as well as testing the cable itself all the way from Northport to the Island and then energized the cable up to our substation.  We allowed the new cable sit hot for approximately thirty minutes before closing in the substation transformer.  After closing in, we allowed the cable to sit with just the transformer load on it for an additional 20 minutes or so.  At 1:10PM on Friday, we transferred from engines to the new submarine cable and the Island is currently powered via the new installation.  The old cable is energized and installed in insulated standoffs (like an extension cord plugged into the outlet with nothing plugged into the end).  There is still a ton of work to do, but we are on the new cable and most of what is left will have to wait until spring.

In addition, on Wednesday February 6th, we met with Governor Evers’ chief policy advisor Jenni Dye.  We discussed our hopes for State help and provided her with all communications as well as details and photos and a 6 inch piece of submarine cable. We would characterize the meeting as positive, but we have no guarantees and there are several next steps.  We provided her with a copy of the town resolution of support as well as a letter of support from the County (they intend to have action on a resolution later in the month).  Attending this meeting was Cooperative Manager Robert Cornell, Steve Freese, President of the Wisconsin Electric Cooperative’s Association, Tim Clay, Vice President of the Wisconsin Electric Cooperative’s Association and Dan Smith, President of Cooperative Network.

Next steps will include meeting with Representative Kitchens and Senator Jacque and hopefully leadership in the legislature so that everyone is on the same page with regards to our needs.

More to come!


Courtney Cauldwell