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Cable Failure Update #4


We wanted to give you another brief update to let you know where we are with the situation.

The first splice is complete and will be lowered to the bottom this morning (Wed).  The other end of the cable will be brought to the barge and the second splice will begin.

At this time, we expect the second splicing operation will be complete by 7PM this evening (Wednesday June 27, 2018) and that we will begin our switching procedure and required outage shortly after that time.  This may change as the day goes on and the splicing crew gets further into the second splice.  For now this is the best information we have.

While it will be impossible to give an exact time that our outage will be necessary, this should give everyone a target time to expect it.  If this target time changes, we will make every effort to spread the word.

This outage will last possibly as long as 2-3 hours depending on where you are on the system.  It is incredibly important for us to load the cable slowly.  Those closer to the plant will come on first and as we gradually increase load by closing our reclosers, those further out will get power towards the end of this outage.

Should something go wrong, we will be forced to return to our engines for power.

Once again, we expect to take an outage to transfer to the repaired cable beginning sometime in the vicinity of 7PM today (Wednesday, June 27, 2018).

Courtney Cauldwell